Rejected in 2018, Converted IIM Shillong in 2019 Ft. Shamanth M K

Rejected in 2018, Converted IIM Shillong in 2019 Ft. Shamanth M K

Shamanth M K scored 98.6%ile in CAT 2017 but was unable to convert his IIM Kozhikode call. In 2018, with 99.29%ile, it was imperative that he convert his IIM Shillong call. Coming from a diverse background, which includes mountaineering, organizing treks, and work experience in an AR company, Shamanth was confident that he could convert his call if he went into it with confidence. He was certain that his mountaineering background would be put under scrutiny, as well as his engineering background, and that’s exactly what happens. In this video, he talks about his interview experience, and how he was able to convert his call.

One thing that everyone agrees upon is that your profile is important. Not only will you be questioned based on your background, but the interviewers will also try to find out more. Shamanth advises students that you should be prepared with certain points beyond your CV so as to have something to say. In Shamanth’s case, it was his passionate following for Arsenal Football Club. Another thing that he advises is that you should talk to the people around you. It made him less nervous, and when some of those people ended up being a part of his GD, it was easy for him to put his points across. In addition, he also talks of why he decided to do an MBA, a question that everyone wants to know the answer to. For more insights, watch the full video.

Key Takeaways:

1. GMAT verbal is tougher than CAT verbal. Using GMAT verbal material for CAT verbal is a good strategy.
2. Always maintain your calm during interviews. Meditation is a good technique to help you settle your nerves.
3. Always be prepared with stuff outside your CV. You have a life that is full of things you’re passionate about, are good at which might not make it onto your CV. Mention them during your interview.
4. Your interests and your passions can help you steer the interview in the direction you want. If you get the opportunity, do it! If you’re able to speak at length about your interests, it will work in your favor.
5. Speak to the people around you when you go for your interviews. It can make you less nervous, and help you gauge your competition. The people you meet might end up in your GDs. Having spoken to them already, you will find it easier to put your points across to them.
6. You might be asked technical questions. Brush up on your concepts to be prepared.

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