My Nail Care Routine: Tips on How to Grow and Maintain Healthy Strong Nails(Requested)| Rose Pearl

My Nail Care Routine: Tips on How to Grow and Maintain Healthy Strong Nails(Requested)| Rose Pearl

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Today’s Video is all about Nail care and tips and hacks on how to grow nails fast. Some of you lovelies have been asking me again and again to share my nail care routine and the secrets of my long, healthy and strong nails. Today I will show you how to keep your nails healthy and strong. I will give you some of my health and beauty tips that I use for my nails to avoid chipping and pealing. I hope these tips help you guys. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

My Nail Care Routine:

1. Don’t use acetone base nail polish remover. Acetone makes nails dry and they tend to chip and break easily.

2. Nail Filing: Always file your nails in one direction. Do not file back and forth. file at 45 degree angle.( be gentle) Filing prevents chipping and pealing of nails.

3. Do not buff nail surface. Buffing removes layers of nail and make them weak.

4. Cuticles: Do not cut your cuticles, if needed, push the cuticles back (gently).

5. Keep your cuticles moisturized. Use cuticle oil or any other oil such as olive oil, coconut oil or Vaseline. I am using olive oil here and massaging it in my cuticles, around the nail and also on the nail. Massage will make you relax, also regulates blood flow to the cuticles and helps grow your nails.

6. Use Gloves: Always use gloves while doing household works. It prevents nails dryness, exposure to harsh chemicals and nail chipping.

7. Do not keep your nails in water for long. water makes the nails soft and weak so use gloves.

8. use soft brush to clean your nails.

9. Base coat: Always use base-coat to give extra layer of protection to your nail

10. Also apply base-coat around the nails free edges to prevent nail from chipping and catching the clothes.

11. Base coat also protects natural nail from the harsh chemicals used in nail polishes and nail staining.

12. Do not use acrylics. they destroy natural nails.

13. Eat Healthy: Specially fruits and leafy green vegetables, they have more collagen content which is great for nails.

14. Drink lots of water and keep hydrated.

15. Consume health supplements such as folic acid, vitamin C and calcium.

16. Above all DO NOT BITE you nails.

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