Investigating the DevaCurl Damage

Investigating the DevaCurl Damage

DEVACURL..WHAT HAPPENED? In this video, I am speaking out about the DevaCurl scandal and backlash that Devacurl has been facing in light of allegations that the use of these products is causing hair loss, hair and scalp damage, and other trauma.

Can Devacurl be held accountable? There are many variables to consider that can be causing these issues, and with the knowledge I’ve learned through my professional experience with hair and from researching scientific journals, my goal with this video is to discuss the facts around proper hair care.

I think its most important that I speak out and raise awareness on this topic because although I am not a hardcore deva cultist and have only talked about a couple of their products on my channel, unfortunately, there are millions of users of this and many of them are being hurt right now. I empathize with those struggling with their hair, and as your “manetor”, I promise to help by sharing entertaining education to teach you everything you need to know to nurse your hair and scalp back to good health.

If you are feeling discouraged from damage and other hair and scalp concerns, I will do whatever I can to be hair for you. I hope you stay tuned to learn more. As always, thanks for watching!

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