Introducing Kola Kola World!!!!! Fashion Trends and Tips For Summer 2019

Introducing Kola Kola World!!!!! Fashion Trends and Tips For Summer 2019

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***Now, let’s get into these looks:

***Look #1
Romper- Nordstrom Rack (Embroidered and detailed)
Silver boots- Steve Madden
Black Shoes- Can’t recall. Purchased a while back
White Blazer- Zara (Could have added a nice large flower to the jacket and maybe a broach on top if you wanted to be OTT (OVER THE TOP WIT IT)
Bag-Vintage Versace {STATEMENT PIECE} *** Always add a statement piece!

***Look #2
Yellow Detailed Top- I cannot recall, y’all. I’ve had this piece forever. Probably got it from downtown somewhere. It’s cute but it’s loud…
Yellow Jacket (wrapped around my waist)- Nordstrom Rack
White Shorts- These were pants. I cut them because I love the comfy feel of cotton
Red Boots-Steve Madden (Macys)
Purse MCM

***Look #3
Leopard dress- TJ Max
Leopard Boots- Bloomingdales (So long ago)
Purse- TJ Maxx (They have some of the best finds for pursing on a budget)

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