How I Clean My Beauty Tools | Tips & Tricks

How I Clean My Beauty Tools | Tips & Tricks

Dirty brushes bumming you out? I’ve got some tips to have them clean in a zip! (do people say that? Lol)

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I have A LOT of makeup brushes and beautyblenders and have always disliked washing them. Don’t get me wrong, LOVE having clean brushes, But it can be so time consuming to wash them all.

I’ve been using the beautyblender Solid Pro for the last month now (used the original for over a year) and I love the size!
It makes it easier for me to multitask and clean multiple brushes and blenders at the same time (the lazy person in me is SO thankful). Also, a little goes A LONG WAY!

I’ve found the Solid Pro cleans my tools with little to no effort and has me finished in half the time.

Let’s be honest, washing your brushes will never be enjoyable, but you can make it easier and more efficient by using the right tools for the job!

Make sure to wash your beautyblenders after each use 🙂

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