Easy, anti frizz styling for high volume curly hair.

Easy, anti frizz styling for high volume curly hair.

When we were developing our NUVO gel for curls, there was one thing we wanted to avoid above all else: CRUNCH. At SEVEN, we like to touch our hair. We want it soft, hydrated, healthy and shiny. That’s why we developed NUVO gel as light, alcohol-free alternative for curly hair styling. Here are the steps for easy, glossy curls with no crunch.

Step One: Use the right amount of product. How much curl gel you need will depend on your hair’s length and porosity. In fact, the difference between needing a little or a lot of any product often depends more on the porosity of your curly hair than the product itself. If your hair tends to drink up product and takes forever to dry, that is a good indication that it is porous. Take care with porous hair! NUVO gel for curly hair feeds the cortex then seals off the cuticle so your porous hair can stop getting waterlogged.

Step Two: Work NUVO curl gel into hair from roots to ends, saturating hair and combing it through with a wide tooth comb. Then, taking small pieces of hair for tight curls or bigger pieces for larger loops, twist the curls around your finger. Be sure to follow the natural curl pattern so you aren’t fighting the wave (curly hair usually wins that kind of battle). Also remember that great curls start with great ingredients. Baobab, quinoa, Pro Vitamin B5, glycerin and more all nourish hair while they style.

Step Three: Anti-Frizz styling. Air drying is often the best option for curls, but not always the most practical one. If you want to speed up the drying process, use a diffuser on a low setting. Gently place curls into the diffuser and push towards your scalp. Resist the temptation to move the diffuser around a lot or use it to “scrunch” hair.

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SEVEN haircare believes in taking the natural path to performance. Our products are cruelty free, sulfate free (SLS/SLES), and paraben free. Certified Made in the USA.

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