beauty tips| beauty tips for men | tips for mens | tips in urdu |mackup in hindi | beauty for fcae

beauty tips| beauty tips for men | tips for mens | tips in urdu |mackup in hindi | beauty for fcae

beauty tricks | beauty tips| beauty tips for men | beauty | tips | tips for mens | tips in urdu |mackup in hindi | beauty for fcae

1.Lemon Face Whitening Moisturizer
2.Lemon Fairness Mask
3.Lemon Skin Whitening Exfoliator
4.Lemon Whitening Toner
5.Lemon Facial Whitening Massage Cream

Lemon is a miracle fruit your skin.It acts as a natural bleaching agent for your skin, lemon juice whitens the complexion, bleaches facial hair ,reduce uneven pigmentation, dark circles, blemishes and freckles.
There are enormous benefits of lemon juice and water in your everyday life.

Lemon is an easily available citrus fruit in almost everywhere. Lemon contains vitamin C that increases beauty of skin. It is use in many dishes as well as in many treatments. Lemon is a natural antiseptic medicine. It is very helpful to cure skin related problems. Daily use of lemon water can make skin shine. Lemon can be used to remove wrinkles and black spots.

It is inexpensive, natural, and enhances your beauty in many ways.

Take lemon juice or cut a lemon into two pieces and rub it onto your skin where complexion is dark like elbows. After some time, wash it with water. Doing this regularly would lighten the skin color and cleanse it thoroughly.

Lemon Skin Care Tips:

Mix Lemon with Honey and make the juice. Take this juice daily in morning before the breakfast. After some days you will feel the difference.
For rough and dry skin prepare a mixture of Aloe Vera & Lemon juice and apply on face.
Lemon juice can be used to wash the face at night for skin care.
Lemon juice can also be used with Olive oil. This juice is helpful for acne and eczema for dry it.
Apply Lemon juice on the face to clean & shine.
Beauty treatments can dig deep holes into your pocket and not only that, but some of the treatments might not be that effective. So hundreds of dollars might be spent with no positive outcome. Before heading to the dermatologist or the department store, take a look in your own kitchen for your own beauty remedies. Lemons are a versatile fruit providing a number of aesthetic benefits. Originating in Asia, lemons have an extensive history but mostly of one used in cooking. However, many dermatologists and beauty gurus have recommended the use of lemons in daily skin maintenance. “The alpha hydroxyl acid in lemons is similar to the ingredients you’d find in a dermatologist’s peel,” the Oz blog reported, speaking to Dr. Elizabeth Hale, professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine. Lemons also provide a number of other skin, nail, and hair benefits. Take a look at six helpful beauty tips below:
beauty tips
1. Remove Blackheads: Take a lemon and slice it in half, rub the juice all over your face and wait five minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Lemons have antibacterial properties, making it a perfect blackhead remedy. Blackheads are caused by clogged pores, and the acid called alpha hydroxyl from the lemons help to exfoliate the skin.

2. Lighten Old Acne Scars: Instead of heading to the dermatologist to help fade acne scars, just take a look in your refrigerator. Take a cotton ball and soak it with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice, and rub it all over your face. The lemon juice when applied daily will gradually help to lightens up the scars as it works as a chemical peel.
Removes Calluses, Corns, And Warts: Using the inside of a lemon (the white part) and placing it against any of these skin imperfections will help to dry out the callus, corn, or wart. Leave it on overnight and in about week they should fall off.

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