Aliexpress Hair Weaves

Aliexpress Hair Weaves

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Buy hair in AliExpress!
On Aliexpress is a very large selection of hair.

The below are reviewed based on past Feedbacks and Stars given on Aliexpress to select the TOP 10 Best Aliexpress Hair Vendors. These are the vendors who have committed to at least 1000 sales each. There are truly good reviews of them with the flexibility of shipping direct from US.

When you buy anything in wholesale,you like to compare price from different suppliers.There are a lot of people are buying wholesale hair extensions from,so is this website legit?Can you buy from the suppliers on this website?

The answer is Yes,but difficult.

Aliexpress is an online marketplace that has gained a well known reputation and has become very popular in the last few years. The marketplace can be used by consumers and businesses to source almost any kind of product. One of their most popular product categories is hair. The “Hair Extensions & Wigs” category on Aliexpress has over 120,000 results, and many of these products are from different stores. Some of these stores sell thousands of products every single month to customers from all over the world. Most stores are also backed by hundreds to thousands of positive reviews from users, as well as excellent feedback scores.

Aliexpress Hair Weaves →

I am a supplier from China, I had ever sell hair extensions and lace wigs on Alibaba and AliExpress few years ago.

Is that hard to find a good supplier? Yes, very hard, really hard. Unless you come to China and go to the factories, touch the hair, wash the hair, know each point how the hair extensions come out.

In 2013, I started sell hair extensions on Alibaba. At that time, most customers just buy hair, no more questions, if quality not good, they try other suppliers.

Alibaba is not free for the suppliers, and AliExpress is free for the suppliers.

Here is what you need to know. In 2017, AliExpress made a bold innovation to the human hair weave category. Thousands of hair stores are shut down.

You may be wondering what happened.

AliExpress formulated a new hair industry-standard in 2017. And they are committed to preventing some vendors that sell poor quality to consumers all over the world for short-term benefits.

Currently, Alibaba Company has defined the quality by Virgin, Remy, and Non-Remy. So, there are three tiers of human hair vendors on today’s AliExpress platform.

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