✅ How to Look Good on a Budget – Mens Fashion Tips

✅ How to Look Good on a Budget – Mens Fashion Tips

In today’s video I’m gonna be covering how to look expensive for cheap or look good on a budget if you will haha. I was actually going to do a video today about illusions that you can do with men’s fashion to make yourself look a little bit better. But just recently I did a massive pickup of cool items, which I will show you later in this video, but the more important thing is how I get to those items because they all, I usually go for things that are really nice looking and are less expensive.

If I were to describe my style right now I’m into very florally things, open button-up shirts, like this, and I’m also into that like that whole boho flowy, hipster Barren Bay look, okay. Now, not all of you are going to be into that and that doesn’t matter.

But this tip that I show you in this video can be used for any style because if you go into these fast-fashion websites that I go to, they’ve usually got what’s hip and what’s in right now, and they’ve usually got it at a decent price or they’ve usually got good sales on them. The real truth of this is, for what you’re not gonna pay in money, you’re gonna pay in time. So if you haven’t got the money to get the really nice things right now, you’re gonna pay for it with your time and what I’m showing you here can be quite time consuming so if you’re interested in looking a bit better, but you’re limited to a budget, really I would suggest using your time to do this exact thing that I’m gonna show you and if you’ve got a bit of extra money just buy whatever you want.

I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. I’ll always go for a sale and very rarely do I buy a full price item. Let’s get into it. So fast-fashion: there’s way more than where I shop, but the two places that I go to ever, are Zara and ASOS. And every time I visit the ASOS website or go into Zara, there’s always something that I see and I go, “Oh, I need that!” Okay, but in saying that, here’s my tactic. So I’ll always shop around in Zara when I go into the store and I’ll have a look at any sales that are on, like have a little peek, look at the price tags on things, and usually when I’m in there, it’s only like, what’s on sale is what’s on sale when I’m in the actual store, right?

So it’s harder to actually get cheaper items from a fast-fashion place like Zara unless you stalk them online as well. I don’t use Zara online. I actually like going into the store and doing it, but that is one way: just looking for the sales. The other way is fast-fashion websites like ASOS. They actually have, like a function on the website, where you can create an account. It’s pretty cool the way they’ve done it because their an eCommerce store, but they’ve done it like Pinterest almost, where you can put things on a love heart board and it saves them for later. So if you’re having a scroll on the website you can actually press the love heart and it’ll put it on a board for you for later.

The video will explain everything and I’ve even included a little demo of exactly how I work it.

I hope you enjoy and can’t wait to hear what you guys think of my new pick ups 🙂

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