Tips for men to look younger | Anti-Aging for Men | Say Swag

Tips for men to look younger | Anti-Aging for Men | Say Swag

You can fake your age but skin does’nt lie! Yes, we cannot stop our skin from aging. UV rays,dry skin, lifestyle are the major things which lead to aging skin. So, its always good to prepare and prevent from aging. Here are some ways to avoid ageing skin. Some simple tips to follow twice a week. Likely to prevent early signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and dull skin. In this video Radhi Radhikha (Men beauty therapist / stylist) explains how to get rid of ageing skin and the effects and uses of the ingredients. Something simple that our ancestors were following but we missed along as our lives started becoming faster!

Product used:
Hibiscus flower ( 4 or 5)
Gingelly oil (2 Table spoon)
Seeyakai, also known as Shikakai or Shivaka (1 spoon)

Say Swag is a channel dedicated to fashion and lifestyle covering a variety of topics such as natural skin care, hair care, health and beauty tips, all in Tamil language.

Model – Raj MRK |Makeup Artist – Radhi Radhikha | Camera – Saran Kumar | Editing & CG – Harshavardhini | Producer – Raj MRK

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