The TRUTH Behind the Devacurl Hair Loss Scandal

The TRUTH Behind the Devacurl Hair Loss Scandal

Hello friends: this video is a departure from the type of videos you’re used to seeing on this channel. I felt a strong responsibility to make this video due to the allegations DevaCurl is currently facing, with thousands of people claiming the products have caused severe damage to their hair, including hair loss, scalp damage and more. The stories you’ve shared with me are absolutely heart breaking and because I’ve recommended DevaCurl in the past, I wanted to do my part to get as much information as possible and share all of my findings with you all. I’ve never been paid to promote DevaCurl products and I’ve always personally had wonderful experiences with the brand and everyone I’ve come in contact with that’s affiliated with DevaCurl. HOWEVER, that does not diminish the fact that thousands of people, including very trusted voices within the curly space, have now come forward all sharing similar and very negative reactions to DevaCurl products. It’s hard to find words to say how sorry I am that so many of you are going through this.

In this video, I share all the facts I was able to gather at the point I shot this video, including official statements from DevaCurl, statements from people that work for DevaCurl and stories that some of you have shared with me and given me permission to share. The curly community has embraced me and welcomed me and I hope that at this time we can all come together and support each other now more than ever.

Please share your stories and any added info you have to share. Knowledge is power.

Thank you to the brave people who first came forward. We appreciate you and love you.

Please watch:
Ayesha’s video:

Stephanie’s video:

Philesha’s video:

The DevaCurl Hair Loss Facebook Group:

DevaCurl’s most recent statement:

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