The Shark Lift-Away Vacuum Pet Cleaner is now £130 off in the Amazon Black Friday sale

If you’ve been keeping an eye out for the best vacuum deals this Black Friday, then let us quickly point you towards Amazon where the mega-site has just further slashed the price of the top-rated Shark Lift-Away Vacuum Pet.

Normally priced at £269.99, it was reduced to £189 in the sale, but a further £49 has been taken off the price in one of the sites Lightning Deals. That means you can pick it up for a huge £130 off the RRP. 

Now £139.99, the Shark Lift-Away Vaccum Pet Cleaner is a total Black Friday bargain and is sure to sell out quickly. 

The highly-rated Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV602UKT] is now less than £140 in the Amazon Black Friday sale - that's £130 off the RRP

The highly-rated Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV602UKT] is now less than £140 in the Amazon Black Friday sale – that’s £130 off the RRP

Upright hoovers are the most popular type of vacuum cleaner thanks to their ability to be pushed around rather than dragged behind you, allowing you to cover more floor space and get in-between furniture.

The Shark Lift-Away Vaccum Pet Cleaner is a powerful corded upright vacuum cleaner, specifically designed for homes with pets. If you have a daily struggle with pet hair embedded in your carpets and sofas, then this could be a real game-changer. 

Designed with the brand’s iconic Lift-Away technology, it easily cleans stairs and soft furnishings where pet hair is most stubborn, as well as hardwood flooring. Plus, at the touch of a button, it transforms into a lightweight, portable vacuum to clean upholstery and hard-to-reach areas. Easy. 

The Shark Lift-Away Pet is packed with tech features such as an anti-allergen complete seal which is excellent for allergy sufferers, as it traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum.

It also has the iconic Shark built-in LED lights to ensure you don’t miss a spot.

With over 400 reviews and an impressive near-perfect average score of 4.7 out of 5, it’s a popular and highly rated buy, especially with pet owners.

Customers say it’s the ‘best they’ve ever had’ and ‘just as good as a Dyson, if not better’. Shoppers love the Lift-Away’s powerful suction on any floor type, the low noise level, and versatile design that makes cleaning stairs a breeze. 

The vacuum is purposefully designed for homes with pets, making light work of cleaning unwanted hair

Great for carpets and hard floors

The vacuum also transforms into a portable vacuum cleaner to easily clean stairs and soft furnishings

‘Omg! This hoover is amazing, you will not be disappointed if you got yourself one of these beauties’ raved one impressed shopper. ‘It looks stylish..the suction is better than my £500 odd pet Dyson…its very sturdy and expensively made…the attachments are great, especially the pet hair one.’

Another also agreed with the powerful pet function, adding: ‘We have two extra fluffy Golden Retrievers … that shed all day everyday… and it handles all their hair like it’s nothing. Works especially well on the stubborn trampled in hair too.’

With adjustable suction and swivel steering, the Shark Lift-Away vacuum makes hoovering a breeze. One enthusiastic shopper penned:

‘What an amazingly power vacuum!! Very light weight and maneuverability is fantastic, it pivots and turns the tightest corners with ease. The two powers settings are great, one for hard floor and 1 for carpet, a nice long power cord and not overly loud when running. 

‘After one use, it was as though we had never vacuumed before (although we did, regularly). Never going to use a Dyson again, Shark is far superior!!’.

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