Makeup Artist Secrets: How to Look Airbrushed Without An Airbrush | Kandee Johnson

Makeup Artist Secrets: How to Look Airbrushed Without An Airbrush | Kandee Johnson

Hi Guys! Finally it’s here, how to get the perfect skin look that airbrush makeup provides, without an airbrush! Click here for more

Airbrush make-up is an entirely different formulation than “regular” foundations. It’s watery and thin, because it need to be sprayed very finely by an airbrush. It had different ingredients than any other foundations, which make it dry almost instantly and looks and feels like you have nothing on your skin.

Also if you have oily skin or acne, sometimes just the use of the airbrush make-up can improve the quaity of your skin. I even applied airbrush makeup over one of my blemishes and do to it being free of oils, it actually helped make my blemish go away practically overnight.

So, now you can have perfect looking skin without all the weight or oily layers of regular foundation, by using these “makeup artist secrets” for putting airbrush foundation on!

These are my favorite airbrush foundations:


They are water-based, paraben free and silicon free.
And they aren’t expensive. One little bottle can last you forever too! And they come in the largest range of colors.


Temptu is a little pricier than Dinair, but it’s because of the mechanics that come with the piece which works with the airbrush compressor.

OCC – Obsessive Compulsive MakeUp:

They also have inexpensive airbrush make-up too.


I like the Dior Airflash because it’s paraben free, it has amazing coverage, but it is pricier. This is a makeup artist favorite. But when you don’t spray it all over your face from the can, it mast much longer just being sprayed onto a brush or sponge. I don’t like that it doesn’t have a very large color range.

The brush I used to apply it:
BHUMI Smart Foundation Brush:


RCMA Kehoe VK Palette
This is a make-up artist favorite. It’s unlike any other foundation palette made. The pigment concentration is not even comparable to any other foundations. It’s free of mineral oil, lanolin, and petroleum.
I used the #11 VK Palette.

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