How To Do FACE MAKEUP For Beginners

How To Do FACE MAKEUP For Beginners

This is a very neutral and simple look that one can carry all day long.
How To Do Face Makeup Steps:

1. Start off with moisturizing the face completely (in case you have a dry skin). Moisturize the areas of the cheeks, the forehead, the nose bridge, under eye and the lips.

2. Once the face is evenly moisturized, use a primer. This works as a good base for any makeup that you will apply here onward.

3. Move on to the foundation /concealer. Use a kryolan palate as it hasboth the concealers and the foundation.

4. Start the foundation from the t-zone area working your way around the cheekbones and then onto the chin areas. Use a nice fluffy foundation brush and ensure the foundation is on evenly. Use a combination of liquid foundation as well, just to ensure it’s packed in.

5. Complete this part by brushing on some transparent powder on the cheek bones and the under eye areas.

6. Moving on to the brows, in case of scanty eyebrows, use a brown eye shadow to fill in the brows to match the color of the hair. Groom the brows well.

7. Use a light pink blush on the cheeks and blend it really well. The look you want is a very simple one. So remember to blend well.

8. Now use a highlighter on the cheekbones.

9. For the eye shadow, use a neutral brown shade right under the lower lid. It has to have a very soft look to it. Using the same shade, contour the crease line as well. This defines the eyes really nicely.

11. Take a nice brand of mascara and coat the lashes. Do a quick touch up if you feel the need to.

12. Finish the look with a neutral lip gloss.

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