HOODED or DOWNTURNED Eyes? STOP Doing Your Makeup Like A YOUTUBER! Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks!

HOODED or DOWNTURNED Eyes? STOP Doing Your Makeup Like A YOUTUBER! Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks!

HOODED or DOWNTURNED eyes? STOP Doing your makeup like a Youtuber! Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial

How many of you have watched a makeup tutorial by a popular beauty guru, tried to recreate the look only to end up looking like a hot mess? Part of the reason could be because of your eye shape! Hooded eyes are challenging but they aren’t a bad thing!!! Some of the most beautiful women in the world have hooded eyes!

Like many women, my eyes have gotten more hooded and downturned as I’ve gotten older. I have definitely had to change up the way I do my makeup. When we watch videos that have the same technique over and over, we start believing it’s the ONLY correct way! This is simply not true.

I am not HATING on “gurus” because most of them do make it clear that they are not makeup artists.(Obviously I am aware there ARE other true artists on Youtube- Monika Blunder, Jordan Liberty, Melissa Alatorre, etc.) The non-MUA Youtubers are very talented at putting makeup on their own faces, and who knows, maybe they WOULD do a great job on others! They also inspire me to try new things and I love them for that! My point is that when we watch so much of other people applying makeup to themselves, we forget that we all come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Makeup is not one size fits all, and the only thing I want to achieve with this video is helping people to experiment a bit more and try different methods to get YOUR PERSONAL best look! I hope you enjoy it!

Products Used:

Chanel Mystic Eyes Shadow Quad

Charlotte Tilbury Rock N Kohl Barbarella Brown

Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in Smoke

MAC eyeshadow in Soft Brown

On my cheeks:
Chanel blush-Hyperfresh

My Lips:
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss #106



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