Extend a NAIL Without a Tip or a Form

Extend a NAIL Without a Tip or a Form

I wanted to show you all how to extend a nail if you have no forms or tips but still want to get the strength that both extensions offer on your nail ..so this is what I came up with. I’ve been using this technique for years (way before Youtube was around) and wanted to share it with you all.
You can also do this on really short nails although its better to do this technique if you have a little bit of natural nail tip.This will typically last about 4 weeks depending on how rough you are on the hands and nails. But once your natural nail grows along with the silk you can soak the silk off with the pure acetone and go back to using your nail oils,strengtheners,hardeners and nail art. This is not a permanent fix by any means but it allows you to extend your own natural nail without the well known damages that drills and coarse files can cause to your natural nails. For those of you who are extreme nail biters I suggest going straight to gel nails or acrylics.

If you want to extend the nail even longer than you can also do these steps : Optional
1 Apply the silk
2. Apply one layer of the ASP Resin
3 Dip your finger in the Acrylic powder
4 Apply one more layer of ASP RESIN
5 Spray the activator
6 Repeat the steps 2 times
7 File and buff the nail to a finish and you are done.
8 After 2 weeks you can just apply 2 coats of just the ASP RESIN and use the spray on activator and you are good to go for another 2 weeks before you can change the whole patch on the nail.
***You can soak this off with 100% pure Acetone****
You can find all these items I used at Sally Beauty Supply or any other nail supply around the world or online.

I’m giving you all as much info as I can and if you have any more questions please send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you out.

I know the video is a little long but I didn’t want to speed up any steps in hopes it would help you all more. Sometimes its worth the time to explain it all rather than speeding up the video and having a 1000 questions . I hope this method helps you all.
Some of you have asked me what is SILK:
Silk wrap is a synthetic nail reinforcement that is made from pieces of silk material. Just as in the application of other material nail wraps, the small piece of silken material is cut to the size and shape of the fingernail and applied using a small amount of glue. Once the glue is dry, the silk wrap is buffed to smooth the surface, and the process is complete. Silk wrap nails are preferred over other artificial nails reinforcements because they are flexible. Silk wrap nails are considered to look most like a natural nail, which is another reason they might be preferred over other types of artificial nails. They are thinner than, for example, acrylic or gel nails, which are notably thicker than natural nails. Silk wrap nails are usually not appropriate for those with a particularly active lifestyle. This is because they are thinner and more fragile than other types of artificial nails.

Products Used:
Silk (you can find it at sally beauty supply or on ebay ,amazon..)
ASP lightless Gel and activator spray also from sally beauty supply or amazon.com
scissors (any stores sells those)
No lift primer (from sally beauty supply)
finger rest ( beauty supply stores its actually a finger rest for air brushing but can be used for manicures too just to rest your finger and keep it steady)

How to Repair Broken Nails Playlist:

Here is a link to Amazon.com where you can find the ASP Lightless Gel Kits or items sold separately:


Here is a link to Sally Beauty Supply where you can purchase the products:

Here is a link to the Sally Beauty Supply Swiss Silk:

Link to my Nail Journey -Growing nails after damage from Acrylic/Gels:

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