Episode 84: 5 Simple Fashion Tips to Improve Your Net Worth with Stephanie Gilstrap

Episode 84:  5 Simple Fashion Tips to Improve Your Net Worth with Stephanie Gilstrap

Interview with Stephanie:

What gift do you have for the audience today?

“I created a capsule wardrobe guide- It’s all the must have basic items you need in your closet!”

Helping people change their net worth is a holistic journey where all parts of our life affect it. How does your area of expertise help a person improve net worth or change how they think about net worth?

“I teach women how to elevate their wardrobes because when you look good you feel good. And when you feel good it positively impacts every area of your life including your ability to attract abundance.”

What were the pain points of why you chose entrepreneurship?

”Time away from my family, stress, depression.”

If you could start all over with your entrepreneur journey, what would you do differently?

”Focus on what I’m good at and hire out the rest!”

What SPECIFIC NINJA skill did you need to learn or acquire to make money at what you are doing?

“How to build trust with my audience so they would buy what I have — free advice and content, show that I’m a real person, imperfections, responding to every comment and DM, authenticity.”

Where can people find your products?

“Rebel Honey House of VIP Facebook group — RebelHoneyThreads.com/VIP

What was the number one mindset shift you had to make in order to believe you could do this?

“Imposter syndrome — that I have no business helping women dress because I’ve never been in the industry. I learned I only need to be 2 steps ahead of my customer”

About Stephanie: Stephanie has been an entrepreneur since 2010, with a background in brick and mortar, network marketing and online sales. She is a master at creative marketing and specializes in drop shipping women’s clothing and does so via her Facebook group, Rebel Honey House of VIP. It is her mission to help women feel empowered to elevate their wardrobes, because she believes that when you look good, you feel good… And when you feel good, your entire life benefits.

Where can people find you? RebelHoneyThreads.com/VIP


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