Curly Hair Routine 3c-4a

Curly Hair Routine 3c-4a

My curly hair routine for 3c-4a hair. If you need a new curly hair care routine be sure to watch this. We will take you step by step with this curly hair routine on short 3c/4a hair. This routine works great on all curly hair types as well. I have been growing out my natural hair and need to use curly hair products that promote moisture and growth and these products do just that. Be sure to shop your curly hair care products below. Enjoy this “Curly Hair Routine 3c-4a” short natural hair care routine video. MUCH LOVE. SUBSCRIBE.

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Step 1 – Moisture shampoo:
Step 2 – Repair mask:
Step 3 – Liquid gold hydration leave in conditioner:
Step 4 – Hair growth oil:
Step 5 – Curly cream:
Step 6 – Curl custard:
Step 7 – Super sleek edge control:

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