Betty’s 1940’s College Girls Fashion Show | 1948 Film

Betty’s 1940’s College Girls Fashion Show | 1948 Film

This 1940’s college girl fashion show features a group of friends displaying dresses they sewed themselves from Simplicity patterns.
Led by an enthusiastic girl named Betty. ”These clothes are just what we’ve made in our clothing class this past semester.I hope you’ll like them.”

1. 1940’s white dress and boxy jacket.
Wouldn’t you like to look this cool on a summer day? White does wonders for your suntan and takes any color accessories. This basic white dress goes smartly at a sports event or to school or to the movies with the boyfriend.A bright red boxy jacket takes care of cool evenings.

2. 1940’s dress and skirt ensemble.
Now here’s a grand idea.Plan a wardrobe that makes two outfits do the work of several. For instance, the three buttoned jacket of this green wool suit can be combined with the other costumes plaid skirt to make a third ensemble. Or you can team up the green turtle neck blouse with the green suit skirt and you have a fourth smart outfit.

3. The corduroy jumper and gabardine sack dress.

School mates. The corduroy jumper and gabardine sack dress. Both with a new angle.
The jumper has a circular back, contrasting with a prim square bodice. And there’s a clever trick in the sack dress – a belted in shoulder scarf ending in a pocket.

4. The 1940’s Midi Dress.

Sailor beware ! Here’s the new midi dress. A long torso top over a box pleated skirt. Match and mix your colors. Make sleeves long or short. Both of these dresses are of full jersey.

5. 1940’s Jersey blouse and skirt with wide belt.

Betty tells us that blouses and skirts rate AA plus with girls in the 1940’s. Here’s a combination that’s great for Fall and Spring. The deep arm hole is not only smart, it’s comfortable too. A wide belt gives the new look of small waist and rounded hips.

6. 1940’s Dirndl wrap skirt and beach skirt.

Striped cotton shines at the beach, by the pool or going to a garden party. This Dirndl skirt wraps around a mini skirt. When you want to complete your suntan – take it off. Throw it over your shoulders too, like a shawl, when you’ve had enough sun on your back. Can’t you see this beautiful outfit peddling along on a bike, going to a picnic. Looking very gay in fact at any of summers fun spots.

And so Betty’s fashion show ends. But everywhere – sewing machines are humming, preparing for fashion shows which girls put on every day, when they step out in the clothes they’ve made for themselves!