Best Makeup Tips From YouTube Gurus – Mature Beauty 2019

Best Makeup Tips From YouTube Gurus – Mature Beauty 2019

Welcome! Best Beauty Tips From YouTube Gurus that I watched starting 9 years ago. Youtube was a magical place a decade ago and I talk about the pioneer creators that enriched my life with their makeup tips and life inspirations. I hope you enjoy this look back. It was a sentimental journey. I also talk about my quest to know my roots and sending my DNA into to perhaps get some much-needed answers. Thank you for your love and kindness….thank you for your prayers for Bill and thank you for being here for me and little Desi. We love you so much.

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– PS: This video I addressed the best ” tips” of these early creators…what I did not address is the positive emotional impact they had on my life. I hope to address this in a video this summer.
Also Note: 1 month before my record was released I was in a car accident and never got to fulfill my dream of touring on the record. But it still remains something I am very proud to have accomplished.
I Do not Use Professional Lighting or Filters of Any Kind in my Videos. I have not had any cosmetic procedures done to my face. No filler, Botox or tuck of any kind. I will be 64 on January 29th …what you see is pretty much lipstick and prayers.

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Wayne Goss
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– “ some of the most beautiful makeup looks I have ever seen is when a foundation is applied over everything!” Wayne Goss

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