Beauty Tips for the Inside and Out – Girls Guide To…TV

Beauty Tips for the Inside and Out – Girls Guide To…TV

Are you struggling with how to feel beautiful, inside and out? You’re not alone — and it’s not just about outer beauty, ladies!! Come spend a few minutes with our girls from GirlsGuideTo…TV, brought to you by What is your favorite beauty product? Are you a foundation girl or au natural? Beauty guru, Nikki Phillippi talks to Jess and Miranda about their favorite skincare products, spirituality and tips like using daily affirmations to stay true to yourself.

Kelsey Darragh brings us a sketch that teaches you how to incorporate household products in your beauty routine in Keep Calm Kelsey’s On!

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Episode 3 – How to Feel Beautiful Inside & Out

Jessica Lizama // // @exoticjess
Nikki Philllippi // // @nikkiphillippi
Kelsey Darragh // // @kelseydarragh
Miranda Mayo // @mirandarmayo

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