Ask Dr. Sophia. (Question From A Man) Is A Man That Doesn’t Have A Job A Loser

Ask Dr. Sophia. (Question From A Man) Is A Man That Doesn’t Have A Job A Loser

Answering a question or a rather long email that I got from a man saying that he doesn’t have a job and telling me I was a judgmental Christian for talking saying that a man does not work does not eat. As he saw both my video and my read my blog on if a man does not work which came from the following Bible verse (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Saying that he does not work and if that made him a loser.

And of course, in true Sophia form I cannot tell a lie, yes I may be a little direct call it the ENTJ/INTJ in me for all my psychology people out there. But just know I really do mean well.

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