5 AMAZING Beauty Tips To TRY NOW!

5 AMAZING Beauty Tips To TRY NOW!

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Tutorial of the look I’m wearing here:
5 Beauty and skincare tips to try now:

1. Apply skincare products to damp skin to help it absorb better

2. BHA serum to get rid of blackheads – my current fave:
COSRX blackhead power liquid:
BENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner :

3. Drink collagen Builders
Why Collagen?
* Collagen is a protein in our body that acts as a glue to hold our cells together. 
* Collagen helps in strengthening skin, plus benefits elasticity and hydration of the skin. 
* Collagen production decreases by 1% every year after the age of 20
* To delay the aging process, it’s very important that you have the consumption of collagen. So you have to include collagen in your diet. This is one of the most important steps which you have to follow if you want to deal with wrinkles, loose skin & aging as prevention is always better than cure

What I take & Recommend?

4. Skincare isn’t just about your face, get it down your neck, hands and decolatage

5. Bedtime is when all the beauty happens.


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