40 All Black Outfits For Men

40 All Black Outfits For Men

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Are you worried that head-to-toe black looks may be too safe or monotonous? Are you concerned that you won’t be able to showcase your individual style when wearing all black?

Guys, all black is always in. Have no fear!

By following some simple guidelines, you can ensure that your all-black look is seriously stylish and anything but boring.

Casual Looks

When putting together casual looks it is important that you pull off that cool, easy vibe without veering into looking sloppy or disheveled.

No over-sized t-shirts allowed here! Your objective is to look sleek and polished but relaxed and ready for anything. Go for a nice fitted tee in an upscale fabric. There are many options here; either crew neck or v-neck, short sleeved or long, fit and fabric choice are key. Paired with a slim fitting pair of black jeans, sexy black leather jacket and a nice, sleek shoe and you’re good to go!

Professional Looks

Whether it’s a traditional 2-piece suit, or a more relaxed yet still professional look, you want to aim for a powerful and authoritative air.

For the professional, you have more choices than you may think. Try pairing a button-down shirt in a fine cotton fabric with light sheen with rich black trousers. From there, you can add in black accessories like a belt, suspenders, a vest, a tie, or even a bow-tie. There is room to be creative and really own this look. In warmer months, go bold with a slim-fit pant that hits right at your ankle.

Should you take the traditional route, be sure your suit is perfectly tailored to your body. Opt for a black silk pocket square to top off your look.

Formal Looks

When you think formal, you go straight to the tuxedo, right? But did you know there are several variations of the elements of a tuxedo? Giving you the ability to fully customize your look!

Peaked lapels or shawl collar
Grosgrain or satin lapel facings
Winged or turndown collar
Waistcoat or cummerbund
Butterfly or pointed bow-tie

Classic tuxedos are all black with a white shirt. But don’t worry about bucking the trend. Go for a well-fitting black shirt that can stand on its own for a modern take on the tuxedo. And don’t forget your cufflinks and pocket squares, and suspenders if needed!

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